August 19, 2008


Caecilius Metellus to the Roman Senate (100 BC) "It is certainly sordid to do the wrong thing and anyone can do the right thing when there is no danger attached; what distinguishes the good man from the others is that when danger is involved (personal or political) he still does right." (Qtd. in Plutarch, in Gaius Marius)

A more accurate translation:

"To do harm is proper of the evil spirits; to do good without taking risks is proper of the ordinary spirits; the man of heart never ever deflects from what is fair and honest, never looking to rewards or to threats." (Wikipeidia)

Today I am desperately trying to complete an essay on the fall of the Roman Republic and the lives of Marius, Sulla, Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar but as you can see a wandering mind has forsaken me. Focus Damn it Focus! Screw it Cato I'm going to the garage.

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