October 09, 2011

I havent darkened your doorstep for a while but this really is troubling.

I came across a news story that reported that leftist protestors refused to let congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis talk at their little hoohaa down in Atlanta. . You can see the report here at Human Events.....


OK to be fair, its their party and they can be racist if they want to.
But what struck me as bizarre was the uncut version of the event over at Drudge. It appears that the news failed to report or went out of thier way to cover up the fact that this gaggle of left wing protesters are a bunch of friggng loons.

Direct action certainly aint what it used to be in fact I would probably call the event infantile if it wasnt so insulting to infants. Normal self respecting adults do not subject themsleves to a Mister Rogers character with a bullhorm chanting, "Lets all raise our hands and wiggle your little fingers and repeat after me."

If your pissed at the system, act like your pissed a the system. How bout a few chants we can all get into, rememeber the classic "hell no we wont go." Or how bout a catchy little protest song? Who can forget Country Joe MacDonalds "one, two, three what are we fighting for?" DOH, what are we fighting for? Dont ask, we dont have a clue. Next stop is Kalamazoo! Can I get a group wave for Kalamazoo? MIKE CHECK MIKE CHECK!Good Grief.

Put down the latte and show some passion and quite acting like a Borg convention whacked out on Prozac. Your giving anarchy a bad name and from the look on the face of Mr. Lewis, who was front and center during another period of social uprising, he was too much of a gentleman to point out the obvious.