August 19, 2008

Reasons to Return to Alaska

#5. Money. aka. The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend
JUNEAU, Alaska —Here are two reasons to smile if you live in Alaska: Your annual oil royalty dividend will likely be bigger than ever and the checks will go out earlier than ever before.
Nearly every man, woman and child received $1,654 each in last year's distribution. This year's payout is expected to be higher, but it hasn't been calculated yet.
But added to this year's check will be an extra $1,200 from the state's oil-rich treasury to help offset high energy prices, a factor driving the early distribution.


Anonymous said...

How many days would I need to stay with you to qualify?

Scott said...

I believe the residency requirment is still one year. So if you left now you would have to endure two winters before you cash in.