August 19, 2008

Obama Convention Credentials, Distressing.

From Denver's, via Hot Air.

It is silly to parse every move of the messiah and his obvious need to wrap himself in patriotic symbolism, (although Dr. Phil could make a full time job out of it) but today it has been noted that the image on the Obama credentials for his sermon on Mt. Invesco appears to be an inverted flag which is the international sign for distress.

However, it looks more like the flag is not furled at all but laying on the ground which brought back memories of this very special moment in Obama campaign history.

The question is, was this really the inspiration for the artwork on the ticket? Or are the media mavens at the DNC purely "artistes"?

Update: I just caught a snippet of Obama speaking to the VFW and he just warned everyone again not to question his patriotism. Moi?

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