August 30, 2008

The Obama Press and the Audacity of Dopes

As an illustration of how low the media is willing sink in its support of Barrak Obama, the dopes at MSNBC had the audacity to run this line during Sarah Palins acceptance speech in Ohio.

The press wonders why they are on the fast track to financial bankruptcy? (See links below) It's because they themselves are for the most part professionally and ethically bankrupt! " Even leftist Bill Maher thinks the press has lost all perspective when he noted that “The coverage after, that I was watching, from MSNBC, I mean these guys were ready to have sex with him.” So before I go on a rant about the imminent demise of the press and how they have essentially abdicated their role as the fifth estate let me answer their question.

She has her family home in Wasilla and this little gem in Juneau, the Alaska Governors Mansion. That would be TWO.
I find the fixation on McCain's housing situation laughable. I'm sure there is a degree of envy involved in the fact that Mac married up. But as I aways say, "It's not your fault if your daddy doesn't have money, but it is your fault if your wife's daddy doesn't have money." Get over it.

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