August 29, 2008

Krauthammer on "The Friends of Obama"

Who can forget the FOBs "Friends of Bill"? But who are the next generation FOBs, "Friends of Barrack". Charles Krauthammer makes the interesting observation that at the Obama convention FOBs were glaringly absent.

Eerily missing at the Democratic convention this year were people of stature who were seriously involved at some point in Obama's life standing up to say: I know Barack Obama. I've been with Barack Obama. We've toiled/endured together. You can trust him. I do...

So where are the colleagues? The buddies? The political or spiritual soul mates? His most important spiritual adviser and mentor was Jeremiah Wright. But he's out. Then there's William Ayers, with whom he served on a board. He's out. Where are the others?

Read the whole thing.

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