August 29, 2008


UPDATE: Saturday, August 30, 2008

I caught the news that Sarah Palin might be named as the vice presidential nominee a few minutes before heading out the door and just had time to post the Mc-Palin logo which I had an file from a week ago when Obama named Biden as his running mate. You see, in a knee jerk reaction to the Biden announcement I wrote that Palin would be the logical choice as the McCain pick. You wont find that on the post however because upon further consideration I had to stick to my first assessment of her as a prospective nominee.

Since then I had been pondering who would be the best choice and there was no one that I could really get excited about. I backed Romney during the primary but as VP the more thought about it I felt there were aspects that were troublsome. Guilliani, Thompson, Leiberman, no way. Pawlenty or Jindal maybe, but again they seemed like safe choices that wouldn't do anything to shake up the race. The more I thought about it and the more I learned about Palin the more sense it made. I realized she was a candidate that I could get exited about.

The text message from the wife read, "I really like her" and I was immediatly run over by the bandwagon. (but then she "really liked" Huckabee and we know how that turned out). My original fears were that she would look inexperienced sitting next to Biden in a debate but having seen her in her acceptance speech and in other venues Biden will come off looking like Darth Vader. She has every bit as much solid government experience behind her as any of the other candidates and she is admired by the people of her state. Other reactions here, here and here. Alaskan Bio Here, Video Here.

The wife wondered how long it would be before the press started making fun of her hair. It became obvious pretty quickly that hair was probably pretty low on the list. As expected, the KO's loons immediately began to wallow in thier own crap but a better gauge of the brilliance of this pick is how Obamaite Andrew Sullivan and others are peeing like puppies over Mac's choice.

Good Luck Sarah, lets win one for the 49th State.

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