August 05, 2007

It's Good to be Home Again

Just a short post to report that the Salmon Family Vacation is over and that we had a wonderful time.
As reported last week the plan was to be on the road at the crack o dawn. With the truck loaded with supplies and the Coachman secured to the bumper we eased the craft from the hanger at 0h 700 hours and prepared for take off. In one of Bill Engvalls "Here's your sign moments we stopped at the neighborhood gas, food, and beverage establishments for ice. The gentleman at the counter asked "Are you heading out?" " No sir," I replied " we always like to stock up on 50 lbs of ice just before we get home." Here's your sign.
We made our way east through the rolling Iowa farmlands, across the Mississippi and into the madness of the Chicago tollway system. In a matter of hours we had reached our destination just outside Michigan City, Indiana, on the shores of Lake Michigan.
Our friends from Michigan arrived a few hours later and we spent a wonderful week dining, touring, and sitting around the campfire late into the evening, making smores and chatting away the hours.
A good time was had by all and of course a few tears were shed when we finally had to say goodbye.

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