August 24, 2007

Michael Vick's Punishment

As Michael Vick moves closer to accepting a plea bargain that will salvage his multi million dollar income, the dogs that he used and abused are moving closer to getting the needle. The judge in this case should step in and save these animals.

As reparation, Michael Vick should be required to maintain these animals for the rest of their natural lives. He should be required to build a kennel facility akin to a doggy Hilton, staffed by Vick and a full time staff of animal care professionals. Paid for by Vick, personally writing a check on a monthly basis, underwriting all expenses of the operation. The youngest of the dogs should live a life of luxury for the next ten or twelve years and every time he cleans up a kennel he can reminisce about his glory days as dog fight promoter.

Enough has been written about the psychopathic hip hop gangster sub culture that Vick is a part of. Comedian Bill Cosby has pointed out the absurdity of the inner city lifestyle for some time now. But neither Cosby or any of the leaders of the black community are offering any concrete solutions to transform the primitive mindset that leads to people like Vick.

Update: I just read that Vick will not have to admit to wrongdoing when he makes his plea. This wouldnt happen if D.A. Jack McCoy were there. Every scumbag makes an alocution when Jack and the babe are on the case.

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