August 19, 2007

Chet Culver for President?

From the Chicago Trib. "What a relief. Iowa Gov. Chet Culver appears to have calmed a looming war between the states. The dispute has nothing to do with slavery, tariffs or interstate commerce. It concerns which states get to brag about being "first" in some fashion or other in the presidential nominating calendar...Fortunately, the idea of caucusing with Santa underwhelmed Culver, a Democrat displaying White House-quality leadership in a moment of national crisis."

Lets come back to reality for a moment. Chet Culver is by no means the next Harold Hughes. The list of accomplishments that Culver can claim since taking office this year are pretty thin as I mentioned here. The push to kill the states "Right to Work" law fortunately found underwhelming support and went down to defeat and despite his campaign promises not to make a deal with the touch play operators the state recently agreed to pay "Kum and Go" $1.6 million. Culver of course was quick to distance himself from the decision, setting a precedent for the remainder of the pending suits and adding credence to Jim Nussles campaign accusation that an agreement had been made between Culver and the operators.
If this is the Tribs idea of White House quality leadership they have set the bar pretty low. I would just ask the Trib to refrain from linking the terms Culver and President in the same article for the same reason a zoo asks "please don't feed the animals".

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