August 17, 2007

News From the North Country

The Anchorage Daily News has a large collection of reader submitted photographs, like the one here, highlighting the beauty of Alaska. Makes a guy a little home sick. This shot is overlooking Kachamack Bay with the end of the Homer Spit jutting into the bay.

The Air Force has deployed its first F22 Raptors to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage this week replacing the bases F15 Eagles. Story Here.

For the critics of this advanced fighter I would contend that the world will continue to be a dangerous place for the foreseeable future. With threats from powers old and new.
It makes Congressman Kucinich's idea of "strength through peace" seem more than silly in this dangerous world.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a smart plan to me as the Russians seem to be taking the Chinese lead on military escalation...

Anonymous said...

They certainly didn't like giving up the superpower moniker and teaming with China is the only way they can maintain a balance of power.