August 27, 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam: Nature Running Wild

Note to Al, Its the ungulates stupid.
Norway's Moose Population in Trouble for Belching.
"Norwegian newspapers, citing research from Norway's technical university, said a motorist would have to drive 13,000 kilometers in a car to emit as much CO2 as a moose does in a year."

With four million moose worldwide this is a serious threat, and that doesn't even count the moose's cousin the elk. Something must be done. As former Alaska Governor Wally Hickle once said. "We just can't let nature run wild!" World's Costliest Ham Triggers Pork Envy

This story has been floating around the Internet for some time evidently and finally found its way to may inbox.
From the San Francisco Chronicle: Daring rescue of whale off Farallones; "Humpback nuzzled her saviors in thanks after they untangled her from crab lines," diver says. Anthropomorphism perhaps?

Cool Science: "Scientists hail ‘frozen smoke’ as material that will change world"

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