July 28, 2007

Summer Vacation

I don't know why I think of this movie everytime I hook up the camper for a long trip. Me and the woman that lets me live with her actually travel pretty well together as long as I drive and she is giving the directions. Travel and moving has been such a big part of our life the past six years that it has become second nature, and our daughter has logged more miles than a long haul trucker it seems.

So, tomarrow morning at the crack 'o' dawn we will be heading east to meet friends from Michigan for a week on the shores of the lake that they call Mishigami.

"The Long, Long Trailer, stars Lucy and Desi as an upwardly mobile couple who decide to buy a trailer for their vacations. Thanks to their naivete in such matters, they end up with a huge, bulky RV that costs five times what they planned. Their "seeing America" trip turns out to be a slapstick disaster...
... The story is told in flashback, as Desi 'splains the breakup of his marriage to a motel court manager."

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