July 06, 2007

Gone Fishing...

Going into this blogging project with a little trepidation I said I would give it a year, and yesterday marked the first anniversary of the Cedar River Salmon. It has been an interesting and somewhat challenging experience. I have found that the ability to come come up with interesting and original material on a regular basis and the time commitment is a tough proposition that I am sure results in the eventual death of many blogs. For the majority of the 6 million blogs that are not engaged in some slick marketing strategy most, like mine, cruise along in relative anonymity.
I am now planning to take a short hiatus from the blogging and enjoy the remainder of the summer before the start of the fall semester at the U.
For all my faithful readers, and you both know who you are, thanks for your support during the past year and I will return soon.

Gone Fishin!


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