July 22, 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam

The Louisiana governor signed a bill making the "Pelican State" the 50th state to outlaw the sport of cock fighting.
The AP reported, "Louisiana breeders of the fighting roosters and owners of the cockfighting arenas, known as "pits," had argued that an immediate ban would be unfair, leaving them with equipment and hundreds of useless birds."
Equipment like say, tiny little punching bags or what? As for the useless birds I was thinking...Hmmm, How bout Soup!

s I caught the director of this organization, Lt. Pete Hegseth, on Chris Matthew's "Hardball". The articulate lieutenant handled the machine gun like questioning of Matthews and the dumb bombs of Ron Reagan with aplomb. The Vets for Freedom is an organization of Iraq veterans that recently met with congress urging members to give the surge time to work.

High winds and rain blasted across the great plains flooding streets, knocking out power, and as you can see devastating the Salmon corn crop. We are still waiting for FEMA. Oh the humanity of it!

You got to love the humor of the guys at Sirius Satellite Radio. They elected to name their liberal talk channel "Sirius Left" While the conservative channel has been christened "Sirius Patriot" . What could have been more appropriate? But there are some sectors that have their shorts in a serious bunch over the issue. Taylor Marsh , unknown progressive radio talk show hostette, suggested that Left be changed to Liberty, I was leaning toward Serius Socialist. Any Suggestions?

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette; When the depth of the water is less than the draft of your boat, you have probably run aground. Alcohol may have been a factor.

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