July 22, 2007

General Reid, "Bugler Call Retreat"

McConnell (adj) prudent: possessing or displaying shrewdness, tact, or cunning

From Hugh Hewitt @ Townhall

After Democratic leader Harry Reid’s MoveOn.org all-night session Tuesday night, a move that resulted only in helping unify the weak-kneed Republicans who were peeling away from continued support of the Petraeus surge in Iraq, McConnell, the Republican leader, served notice to anyone watching C-SPAN that he now runs the Senate.
After a couple of Republican amendments failed, Mitch McConnell took to the floor and offered his own amendment, which was a Sense of the Senate that Guantanamo detainees not be allowed released or moved to U.S. soil. To conservatives, this obviously makes sense. To liberals, especially California’s Dianne Feinstein, one of the chief proponents of the effort to close the detention center at Gitmo and relocate these detainees into the American justice system, especially when tagged onto a student loan and grant bill, you’d think this measure would go down in flames. Except a funny thing happened. The bill was titled in a way that you had to vote yes to vote no, and no to vote yes. The final vote was 94-3, officially putting the Senate on record as saying terrorist detainees shouldn't be moved to the U.S. Before the Democrats, who clearly hadn’t read the amendment, realized they screwed up, the vote was recorded.

The Democrats slowly realized that they had just had their heads handed to them. As a diversion Reed sent out pit bull Ted Kennedy for one of his tired tirades as a diversion while his forces regrouped. Reed then attempted a full frontal assault, but the agile McConnell quickly parried and responded by sweeping the enemy's flank, forcing the ever effervescent Harry Reed to pull the bill and once again depart the senate floor in a full retreat.

I predict a coup for the Senate leadership is in the offing.

The Night Mitch McConnell Became Leader of the Republican Party.

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