July 27, 2007

Senator Harkin, Bringing Home the Bacon

The group "Americans for Prosperity" has compiled a list of the earmarks for the 2008 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill. AFP reports;

The 1,016 earmarks total nearly $392 million, and include millions for questionable projects such as $1 million in tax dollars for a museum dedicated to recreating the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival experience and $250,000 to help fund the Polynesian Voyaging Society, which makes and sails ancient canoes from Hawaii to Japan.
Iowa Senator Tom Harkin brought $28 million into a variety of state organizations including $100,000 for “Lighten Up Iowa,” an online program encouraging people to lose weight while also preaching the benefits of vegan diets. He also teamed with Republican Senator Chuck Grassley for another $10 million. Grassley on his own was only able to muster a mere $400,000. It's tough being in the minority.

Harkin's efforts didn't stop at the Iowa border however. He also brought home a little bacon for his constituents in Arizona, Florida, Delaware, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi Texas, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Which included a grant of $500,000 for the "National Council of La Raza" in Washington, DC.

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