July 22, 2007

I'm Back.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going on "hiatus". I have never actually been on a hiatus before. Taken a vacation, called in sick from the river during salmon season a few times but never actually hiatused.
So I get a call the other day from my brother in Tex-ass berating me for saying I was going on hiatus. "You've been on hiatus for two years, you deadbeat" he says. This is from the guy that lived the life of Riley for three years after he sold his company and stayed home with his new son, which ironically he named Riley in honor of the life he was living at the time.
Deadbeat? I admit that after the my last job in the newspaper bidness turned into the job from hell I stayed at home until the unemployment ran out but hey I spent that time bonding with my new daughter. Then I enlisted full time at Tall Corn College and Technical Institute to get some education. Hardly what you could call a hiatus for someone my age.
But I get his point. Its time to get back work and put together some interesting or sometimes banal (this links for you my brother) posts here on the Salmon. God, its good to be back.

Update: An anonymous commenter let me know that I had misspelled Riley. It should be Reilly. But doesn't this break the I before E rule?


Anonymous said...

Please correct spelling to Reilly

Anonymous said...

Did you learn that at Tall Corn College?