October 06, 2009

Flotsam and Jetsam

With the much ballyhooed release of Sarah Palin’s autobiography last week I was inspired to release the long awaited, much anticipated, tome unto thyself.

The Iowa Hawkeyes continued their roll to a 5 - 0 record with a tough win over Arkansas State. My favorite sister in law, from deep in the heart of Texass, pointed out in my post last week that I can't call the school my Alma mater until I actually get a diploma. Such a smarty, but her ALMA MATER Texass A+M was crushed by the other Arkansas team this week. Sorry JJ

The Oakland Raiders: You still suck!


Anonymous said...

That's ok!!! I am not sure if you will earn that history degree if you don't learn how to spell TEXAS!!!! Love, your favorite sister in law!

Scott said...

Damn, I need a better spell checker;)Sorry.

MrTex said...

Hey Scott here is a great video adoring our girl Sarah.

If you post it, be sure to add a warning that anyone afflicted with Palin Derangement Syndrome may have severe reactions.