October 12, 2009

Flotsam and Jetsam

Iowa Hawkeyes Squeak by Michigan: After a thriller Saturday night the 6 and 0 Hawkeyes edge up one place to # 12. Go HAWKS!

Oakland Raiders. Still suck!:
NFL.Com "Oakland finished with as many punts (seven) as it did first downs (124 yards net offence). That is perhaps the best example of how poorly the Raiders' offense performed."

I have refrained from offering Al Davis advice this season, for some reason he refuses to take my calls. If you are listening Al, QB JaMarcuss Russell is not yet ready for prime time!

Homesteading Alaska: A good read.
From The Anchorage Press
“Real estate is more or less the male biological clock. There is some hardwired imperative that kicks in at a certain point, the way caribou migrate and birds sing,” war correspondent and outdoor journalist Patrick Symmes wrote in Outside Magazine a year ago. “Around the start of their fifth decade, men suddenly discover gardening. They plant trees. They lay down fence lines. They construct and hold. Like a spoiled child, we say, This is mine. Mine, mine, mine. Building a cabin in the wilderness is a nearly universal dream. Honestly, if you haven’t had it at some point, there’s something wrong with you.”

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