October 31, 2009

Children of the Corn at 9-0

I have been searching for a Halloween analogy for the Hawkeyes come from behind win against Indiana today and the best I have come up with is the Children of the Corn. Fitting because this is after all Iowa where corn is king plus, another team wandered into town thinking they were meeting just a ragtag bunch of misfit kids but were then dragged out into the corn field for the ritual sacrifice.

In the third quarter the Hawks were down by ten points and Stanzi had just thrown 4 perfect passes to the Hoosier defense. Then with the Hoosiers on their own 2 yard line "He That Walks Behind the Rows" blocked an Indiana pass that bounced off four players and miraculously landed in the hands of Iowa's Tyler Sash who took the unexpected gift 86 yards for a TD.

In what is becoming typical Iowa form, a fired up Stanzi then led the Hawks to 28 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to put away the Hooseirs. Trick or Treat.


Anonymous said...

All I'm gonna say is "Malachi!!!!"

Scott said...

Thanks King,
I wanted to p-shop the coaches head on Malichi but time and skills are limited here.