October 25, 2009

Iowa Hawkeyes 8 and 0

Wow, after a defensive battle between the Hawks and the Michigan State Spartans the Spartans scored a TD to put them into the lead with less than two minutes to go. All hope was suddenly drained. Then miraculously the Hawks marched 70 uncontested yards in 11 plays and with 2 seconds on the clock QB Ricky Stanzi connected on a seven yard pass in the end zone to Marvin McNutt to win the game. I am still stunned and amazed. 8 and 0... Wow.
From the CR Gazette:
Ricky Stanzi’s slant to Marvin McNutt immediately gets its own wing in the Hawkeye Athletics Hall of Fame. It gets replayed over and over and over and over in Iowa this week, the rest of this year, maybe the rest of this half-century.

Here’s how a big a play it was: It made you briefly forget its big-picture significance, which was to keep a perfect season perfect and take Iowa to 8-0 for the first time since football was invented.
From KCRG Sports: Video Here.
BCS Standings: See #4 HERE
Graphic borrowed from the University of Iowa

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