October 22, 2009

Flying the North Country

The following was brought to my attention by alert reader and fellow pilot MrTex:

One rule to remember when flying the Alaska back country is to remove all those tasty bear treats before leaving your aircraft unattended. The unfortunate Super Cub pictured below fell victim to one such inquisitive ursine critter that thought he happened on a giant can of pink salmon. Heartache! See all the pictures HERE

In typical Alaskan fashion the pilot,with a little plastic wrap and a generous supply of hundred mile an hour tape, was able to effect repairs and get the plane home. A little fresh paint and this one would be good as new.
This type of innovation is not that unusual although you would probably have a hard time getting a field approval from your local AI. I had a friend that once ground looped his Cessna 180 while glacier landing in the Wrangle Mountains. He proceeded to secure the upturned wing tip with climbing rope for the flight back to Anchorage.


MrTex said...

AI approval ! ?? Heck, I read somewhere that most of the folks in Alaska who depend on small airplanes to get around don't even have FAA licenses.

Anonymous said...

Just one more reminder that good adhesive tape is often a man's best friend. As the Southerners say, "If you can't duck it, fuck it!"

Scott said...

I dont know if I would say "most" people dont have licences but there certainly are some. Flying is such a vital and ingrained part of the culture that Alaska has more planes and pilots per capita than anywhere else. Consequently you probably get a higher percentage of outlaws and scafflaws. You also get some interesting hanger tales like the guy landing on main street to run into the liquor store.