September 16, 2006


A new season of Survivor! We began to follow this show faithfully midway through season one. It became our Thursday night date the year we met.
I don't know why we keep watching it. The first winner,Richard Hatch developed the strategy of formng alliences and depite the producer's best efforts to shake up the game the formula hasn't changed. The castaways, which were once a diverse mix of individuals, are now for the most part a crew of the young and the beautiful. It has also become apparent that the struggle with hunger, thirst, and fire of the earlier years is not much of a factor in recent seasons.
What is so frustrating, is the tribe members that could actually spend 30 days on an island and survive are generally the first to go. Consequently it is not a game of survivablity but a game of manipulative popularity. Contestant Hunter Ellis,a former fighter pilot that went on to host the History Channel show "Tactical to Practical" summed it up best when he was the first to go, "You all are the biggest bunch of loosers I ever met"
Every year I say that given a blue tarp and a Swiss Army knife I could out survive any of the contestants. Which then leads to my plan of separating myself from the other tribe members, setting up camp and becoming a benevolent despot to whoever would like to join my tribe, for a price of course. The wife is pretty sure that a bloodless coup would happen by week two. Now that would be must see TV.

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