September 17, 2006

Survivor II

How long could any of us survive if a natural disaster or a not so natural disaster suddenly upended our world?
Last years hurricane season highlighted just how vulnerable, insulated and dependant we have become. It also illustrated how close we are to anarchy without the strong arm of society to hold it all together. As Thomas Hobbs noted without the power of a strong government life would become "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."
We all need to ask ourselves, what if? Slate has a series of articles addressing a variety of sceneios with links to some helpful sites. At the least it should get you to thinking what if? Being prepared is not paranoid it is practical.

Survival ramblings......
I spent two Alaska winters living in a cabin eight miles from the main highway with wood heat and no running water. "What do you do when you get snowed in my sister asks. Don't know never been "snowed in" I reply. To a great extent survival is a state of mind.
I get a kick out of the news stories of flatlanders emptying store shelves because it might snow.
I am curious as to when ice became a staple of disaster relief. The logistics involved in supplying ice must be mind boggeling. During any emergency having cold beer on hand is a definite plus, but lets be realistic, the shit melts! Ice is not a necessity! Food and water are necessities!
During Katrina people were on TV complaining because they were given MRE's to eat. I'm sure they would prefer the filet mignon but come on it's a disaster, let's suck it up a bit folks!
The other day the wife sends me to the store for milk and bread and I come home with $120 dollars worth of Spam and soup. Just stocking up I say. Then I get "the look." Deep down, she knows I'm right.

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