September 05, 2006

Race to Terrace Hill.

The DesMoines Register has laid out several scenarios in this year?s election and what it could mean for the state. The article made this comparison of a democratic vs. republican controlled Iowa.
"At one end of the possibilities, full Democratic control - last seen in Iowa in 1966 - would promise more spending on education and health care, as well as a higher minimum wage and cigarette tax. Chet Culver, the party's nominee for governor, has laid out plans to spend $100 million to enhance development of the renewable fuel industry and boost spending on teacher pay by $25 million in his first year (Earning Chet the endorsment of the Teachers Union).

At the opposite end, the return of Republican legislative majorities and a GOP governor for the first time in eight years would usher in property-tax reform, tighten restrictions on abortion rights and bring a better chance of Iowa reinstating the death penalty.GOP nominee for governor Jim Nussle also has proposed a renewable fuel plan, built on tax breaks for ethanol producers and retailers, and has called for trimming schools' administrative costs, streamlining government and requiring parental consent for teen abortions."

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