September 13, 2006

Reflections on a Supreme Being.

Belief in a supreme being in not something innate to the human existence. It is a journey that for most of us is part of our socialization that begins in childhood.
My own journey began with my baptism into the Catholic Church. My parents both converted to the faith prior to their marriage and my father, always zealous in any endeavor, was going to make sure that I experienced all that the church had to offer. We attended church every Sunday, I served a tour of duty as an altar boy, and was sentenced to six years at the parish school. I was paroled when it became apparent to my father that he was probably wasting his money. To steal a line from George Carlin, when it came to religion, It just didn't stick. When I finally reached the age where I could refuse to get up on Sunday mornings the Catholics and I parted company. I have never been able to embrace the whole concept of church and as I have gotten older I have gotten more cynical on the matter. But that is not to say that something is not at work in the universe.
Several years ago my wife, daughter and I had traveled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to spend a few days at a lodge with friends. As we were leaving to return home we pulled out on the highway and as the truck got up to speed all the lights on the dash lit up, warning bells were ringing, and the truck began to slow. As I prepared to pull off the road, at the same time trying to figure out what all the warning lights meant, out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a dear bounding across our path. You can probably guess what happened next.
As soon as he was out of sight, the lights went out, the engine came back to life, and we proceeded on our way. The irony is, when we got back home a cancellation notice from the insurance company reminded us that I had forgotten to pay the premium and we had made the trip uninsured. The truck of course has never malfunctioned again. Fate, Luck, or as I prefer to call it, Divine Intervention.
In my heart I am certain that there is a driving force present in our lives. Is it the God of classic monotheism? Perhaps, but from a spiritual standpoint I believe that it is more important to be morally upstanding and to direct a loving heart to those around us than it is to join the congregation for the mandatory sixty minutes of weekly worship. At the end I'm sure that God will understand.

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