September 16, 2006

Schooling Up

It has been difficult the past few weeks to dedicate much time to this blogging endeavor. For my faithful readers and you both know who you are, I apologize. For those new to the Salmon my lack of time is the result of returning to the halls of higher learning in pursuit of a degree in business. Going back to school was something I had always wanted to do, and recent events and an amazing wife gave me the impetus to give it the old college try so to speak.
Life at Tall Corn College and Industrial Training Institute has been an eye opening experience. Quit your chuckling, I don't just mean the muffin tops and butt tattoos. I have found that I actually enjoy writing and this blog gives me an opportunity to do that. I have also found that I still hate algebra but have excelled in history and political science. If I were a couple years younger, history may have been an interesting career path. As I mentioned before,(here) the liberal bias in academia is real and what was at first maddening has become sport as I try to subtly challenge and highlight their indoctrination. I only wish that my mushy headed classmates would be more questioning. Enough said there.
So keep checking in once in a while and I'll pound out a few thoughts and insert a few things that I hope will enlighten or brighten your day. S.

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