February 14, 2009

On the Road to Dystopia IV

Less than 24 hours later Iowa Senator Tom Harkin throws B.HO under the bus.
Washington, D.C. - ... Iowa's U.S. senators complained that the deal could have been better but they were kept out of negotiations of the $787 billion spending package, despite their seniority on key committees...Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin, chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, criticized President Barack Obama for allowing the Department of Agriculture to receive no money for developing renewable fuels...It was very shortsighted, very shortsighted for them to do that," ... "Somebody was asleep at the switch in his shop down there."
Tom Harkin is being disingenuous to vote for this boondoggle then whine that he didn't have any input. Perhaps he should be explaining to his constituents in Iowa why as a senior member of the democratic caucus was shut out of writing this bill. He is looking more like the Democrats attack dog than a serious member of the policy team.
What's Next? Taking us back to 1978. It seems like only yesterday.
Photo Courtesy: IowaHawk

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