February 13, 2009

Did B.HO Get Punked By Senator Greg

I don't know much about Senator Judd Greg but I have the idea ,or maybe its just a hope really, that he accepted the Commerce Secretary position knowing full well he had no intention of being seated.
He knew how bad the stimulus was before last week. He knew that Obama had no intention of letting someone from the opposition wield any sort of power in his administration, be it at Commerce or State for that matter. The census decision proves that. He knew that there was no bi-partisanship in the Bailout Honey Bucket nor would his position make it anymore likely. Greg also knew that this was a ploy to meddle in the republican caucus, perhaps with B.HO persuading the N.H. governor not to seat another republican.
Given all that, is it possible that over a couple beers a few Republicans thought, "Wouldn't it be funny to accept a cabinet post then back out at the last minute claiming the President is a partisan pud whacker?"
It cetainly looks that way.

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