February 04, 2009

On the Road to Dystopia II

As if nationalization of the banking industry wasn't enough B.HO just announced that he is taking steps to cap the pay of Wallstreet executives at $500,000 per year. Admittedly Wallstreet has been less than discrete in their actions as the democrats made an effort to sytematically demonize Wallstreet and ferment class envy.

For those toiling away in the middle class the knee jerk reaction to this is easily, "screw them" but the reality is that this is the first step onto a very slippery slope. Unlike the Wage and Price controls of the 1970s (which did not control inflation as intended) these controls are strictly punitive plus if this is not challenged it sets a precedent that could be wide ranging. Interfering in the operations of private industry by presidential fiat has been found unconstitutional in the past and this order must be challenged.

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