February 05, 2009

On the Road to Dystopia III

President Obama signed the Bush Vetoed S-Chip legislation yesterday. He obviously sees this as a foot in the door to universal health insurance.This newest entitelment will be paid for through a 65 cent increase in the cigarette tax which by my estimates comes up about 5 billion dollars short of the Schip 32.5 billion dollar increase.

I want to personally thank every single member of Congress who is here, abipartisan group who worked tirelessly worked tirelessly for so long that we could see this day. And I want you all to know that I am confident that, if we work together, if we come together, we can finally achieve what generations of Americans have fought for and fulfill the promise of health care in our time.

For those starry eyed conservitives that fawned over Obamas cabinet choices as proof that he was a closet post partisan centrist, his actions the last three weeks should be proof that he is truly an partisan egalitarian liberal to the nth degree.

Update: From Big Lizards: "President Obama offers symbolic post-partisanship only in style, never in substance. He invites Republicans to his pad to watch the Superbowl; but he doesn't invite them into the process of crafting the misleadingly labeled "stimulus" package. No, that minor trillion-dollar boondoggle will be written entirely by the Democrats, of the Democrats, and for the Democrats."

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