August 27, 2010

Christie Just Lost My Vote. (If I had one)

Sorry for the lack of posting lately but me and the little salmon have spent the last week getting back to the school.

In the video below Governor Christie of New Jersey, who in my book was begining to look like a conservative Superman, comes off today looking like a whiney little snot nose, stomping his foot and saying "thats not fair."

An inadvertent one page error in a grant application to the Department of Education cost the good citizens of New Jersey $400 Million dollars in the Obama Race to the Top Education Lottery. You never saw Superman play the victim card but essentially Christie complains that some faceless Washington bureaucrat finds a mistake made by some faceless New Jersey bureaucrat in a 1000 page  grant application and doesn't have the heart or common sense to pick up the phone and ask for a correction. That, states Christie "is the problem with Washington."

Had anyone tugged on the real Superman's cape he would have been screaming about the asininity of creating a $4.3 Billion slush fund at the Department of Education which pits state against state for the largesse of the Obama adminsitration.

Did Christie truly believe that New Jersey had any any chance to win this compitition. From Obama's perspective he is an acerbic Republican Governor from a solidly blue state. The fact is, this money is earmarked for battleground states like Penn, Fla, and Ohio.

Here is the list of the  19 finalists: Arizona, California, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

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Anonymous said...

I still like Christie, but yeah this was kinda whiney.

I'll say this as a mild defense: For political reasons, I think he has to get annoyed at DC every once in a while. For every dollar New Jersey tosses into the federal treasury it gets something like 80 cents back in return. There are people in the Garbage State who are sensitive about this.

Mild defense over. I think you're right about this money. It's basically Barry's pay-off to wobbly states for 2012. Christie should know this.