September 11, 2010

Warriors vs The Baseball Furies


Anonymous said...

I had not seen that in a long time, why the post?

I remember seeing this with Vic and his dad and running into you when the movie ended.

1979 bro, that was a long time ago (31 Years) wow, good memory you say?

Scott said...

Why the post, hmmmm good question.
While I was writing the above post the line in this clip "I’m tired of running from these pussies." came to mind. It’s a line that I used several times myself (in my younger years of course.

Who knows how those moments of free association come about but they are helpful in writing a good analogy I suppose. A bad analogy like this one on the other hand only takes the reader back to an unrelated event when he was thirteen.

How the hell do you remember that, who was I with, and did our mother know you were going to R rated movies? ;)