August 08, 2010

An Airplane Sunday Morning

At the controls of a LSA
How long does it take to polish one of these babies? Beautiful!
From the deck of an Air Force KC 135
Did I mention it was hot there?

Above is a few shots of our Oshkosh outing. We purchased a new camera before vacation thinking we would retire our bruised and battered Olympus Camedia which we purchased at the dawn of the digital photography age. We ended up with a compact Sony Cybershot that takes great pictures but it lacks a viewfinder which makes capturing fast moving targets nearly impossible. Plus, at an event such as an airshow it lacks the zoom capabilities of the Olympus which is an issue. One thing I didn't consider is the resolution setting which makes uploading nearly impossible. I have to resize and crop every shot or Blogger chokes. Live and learn.

Loss of a legend: Atlee Dodge
Alaska aviation legend F. Atlee Dodge passed away on July 23 in the Anchorage Pioneer Home.

The passing of Dodge marks the end of an era of improvements to the Piper Super Cub and other aircraft types. Dodge, 88 passed away in his sleep after a long battle with leg ailments.

Atlee Dodge was known as the guru of Super Cub modifications approved as Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certifications or (STCs). Most would call them mods or accessories but all needed to be approved before legally being used on a standard category aircraft.

His modifications and accessories include control surfaces, engine cowlings, exhaust systems, fuel systems parts, landing gear, steps, pre-heaters, seats, seat rails, float fittings, ski fittings, wing lift struts, wing tanks, filler necks for fuel tanks, etc. etc. the list is three pages long and includes the J-3, PA-11, PA-12, PA-14-PA-18, PA-19, and PA-22 Piper aircraft.

Dodge’s ingenious ideas that became realities for pilots and aircraft owners were also included on Cessna and Dehavilland aircraft as well. In short if there was a good idea that made an aircraft better for working and flying in Alaska’s bush, Atlee Dodge was already on top of it.
Supercub Flyby at the Atlee Dodge Memorial
Lake Hood, Anchorage, Ak

Photos Gallery: Arctic Thunder Air Show
F22 Raptor at Arctic Thunder, Elmendorf Airforce Base


MrTex said...

Neat, I count 5 examples of the Prandtl–Glauert singularity on that F22.

Scott said...

You know I have seen other aircraft create clouds at the wingtips but never a full blown ring around the fuselage. Is this plane approaching mach or is it a funtion of the F22 design that causes it at lower speeds? Interesting...