January 24, 2007

Welcome Double J

I just realized that a couple weeks have passed since I last posted. It's a new term at Tall Corn College and Technical Institute and it has taken me some time to get back into the swing after the Christmas break.

Today, I would like to welcome a new contributor to The Salmon. Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas by way of Pittsburg. A graduate of Texas A&M and all around great gal is my favorite sister in law JJ. She called me several days ago and asked to join up and I am, as I am sure you are, anxiously awaiting her first post. Visitor traffic will surely skyrocket due to her efforts.

The first time I met JJ I knew she was a keeper. She was just dating my younger brother at the time and they made a trip up to visit me in Alaska. We headed down the Kenai Peninsula to do some halibut fishing in the little fishing port of Homer. The charter we had booked proceeded to take us out to the waters off of Ushagat Island in eight foot seas. In no time we had a boat load of pukers. We anchored over a chicken hole and proceeded to fish. One by one green faced fishermen headed for the cabin, each emerging occasionally to chum the waters of the north Pacific. JJ though was a trooper. She got her limit before heading inside to warm up and never did have to pay a visit the rail. I also have to give some credit to my brother for hanging in there and catching his fish at the same time that he was sacrificing his breakfast to the seas gods. It was not a pretty sight. Three or four of us hauled in fish for those that had taken ill so the trip was not a total waste for our flatlander companions.
Welcome Aboard JJ!

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