January 03, 2007

Movie Rant Response

I recently ranted about my disgust of the movie theater concession prices and received this interesting comment.
Anonymous said:

I too have found that my family’s trips to the movie theater dwindled over the last decade because of many of the same issues. But a number of years ago we started a little something that has gotten us back in those comfortable stadium seats. It started with a beat with a close friend of ours. The beat, which one of us could sneak the best, most elaborate food into the theater...As we settle down and prepare our presentations I felt confident that our freshly popped popcorn, sodas and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies would be the clear winner. That was until I looked over at our friends to discover that they had a full spread of chips, salsa and to top that off, freshly made guacamole. Wow! In short, I have found that not only do we save those concession stand dollars, but during the promos it gives you an opportunity to get your feast set up and get comfortable before the main attraction. Oh, you might get a look from some guy that is jealous of you as you add your salsa to that mixture of scrambled eggs, sausage and cheese, but chances are he’s to comfortable to get up and complain to the 18 year old theater manager.

Have fun with it, life is to short!

Thanks Anonymous for that wonderful idea.
I had been known to sneak in some refreshments, but my wife finally refused to carry the 50 quart Igloo as her purse.

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Jill said...

why don't you get a 50 quart igloo as a male purse?? You'll probably be more strong than your wife to carry it!!