September 21, 2009

You Might be a Racist
An alert reader has directed my attention to this handy flowchart to determine if you might be a rasist.
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Thx Mr Tex

Iowa Poll: Iowans evenly divided on gay marriage ban
From the Des Moines Register.

I would question the accuracy of this poll as it uses general population instead of likely voters, plus its one of those topics where people are likely to be less than honest.

Forty-one percent say they would vote for a ban, and 40 percent say they would vote to continue gay marriage.
The percentage of Iowans who say they strongly oppose gay marriage (35 percent) is nearly double the percentage who say they strongly favor it (18 percent).

Obama in a Nutshell
From The London Telegraph

It is lovely to feature in other people's dreams. The problem comes when they wake up. Barack Obama is an eloquent, brainy and likeable man with a fascinating biography. He is not George Bush. Those are great qualities. But they are not enough to lead America, let alone the world.

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