September 28, 2009

Flotsam and Jetsam

I have been busy with several papers that are due this week so blogging time has been limited. Some quick thoughts on news of the day.

Iowa Hawkeyes kick ass. The thrashing of Penn State Saturday night has moved the Alma mater into 13th place. Go HAWKS!

Oakland Raiders. Sorry to say... You still suck!

Roman Polanski, The guys been holed up in God forsaken France for 30 years. Oh the humanity! On a serious note... Perhaps they can arrange adjoining cells with Charlie Manson and the pair can regale each other with stories of the good old days in the Hollywood Hills. Justice!

Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama mmm mmm mmm. I cringed when George Bush used to say the job was hard, but at least he tried. Obama has only talked with his theater commander once in the last three months and now can't decide if victory is even an option. Perhaps he can mull it over while he and the little lady jet off to Copenhagen to pitch the Olympics. Isn't there something in the UCMJ that covers dereliction of duty?

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