September 18, 2009

Democrats, Ignore Reality at Your Own Peril
From Rassmusen

Fifty-six percent (56%) of voters nationwide now oppose the health care reform proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s the highest level of opposition yet measured and includes 44% who are Strongly Opposed.
Just 43% now favor the proposal, including 24% who Strongly Favor it

Good News; Iowa's Democratic Delegation Unanimously Rejects Child Sex Slave Organization
75 Fellow Democrats Not So Much. Barney Frank Pleads the Fifth
Acorn Vote Results From the Washington Examiner

Obfuscations from the Presidents Speech
From Charles Krouthammer

When Republicans proposed requiring proof of citizenship, the Democrats twice voted that down in committee. Indeed, after Rep. Joe Wilson's "You lie!" shout-out, the Senate Finance Committee revisited the language of its bill to prevent illegal immigrants from getting any federal benefits. Why would the Finance Committee fix a nonexistent problem?
They also had to fix the non existent death panels. Somebodies lying here and ain't Joe Wilson.

A Tribute to Iowa's Norman Borlaugh
From IowaHawk

Unlike contemporary self-styled members of the environmental-scientific community -- many of whom seem to view the human race as malignancy -- Norman Borlaug was unapologetic in his view that science should be harnessed for the good of mankind.

For him, starvation was a pressing human problem to be eradicated, not the inevitable self-inflicted consequence of human folly; and he went about solving it in a systematic, methodical way. Not through armchair theorizing or manifestos, but through hard work and dirt-under-the-fingernails empiricism. He didn't seek utopia, just better crop yields.

I like to believe a good measure of that came from the flat black earth of Howard County. There's plenty of old jokes about the stereotypical boring Iowa farmer, who can only talk about rainfall and crops. If you'll permit me a little state pride, I
would only say thank God and Cresco for that. Because Norman Borlaugh was simply the greatest Iowa farmer who ever lived.

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MrTex said...

Great piece by Iowahawk, Scott.
As someone who returned to Iowa recently after over thirty years in Texas, it makes me wonder how many folks like him still exist around here.