September 02, 2009

Obama in the Classroom

I personally think that the President has better things to do than spend a day indoctrinating grade schoolers but in reality I don't think he will be any more effective with the education pillar of Obamaism than he has been with health care, energy, and deficit reduction. (I know there was a 5th pillar but I don't recall what it is at the moment, maybe a trip to Mecca or something. No that's his other 5 pillars ;) In fact as the link shows the administration has already downgraded some of its goals.

I emailed my daughters principal today to find out if her first grade class would be participating. His response was "what day and what channel?" Sounds like someone didn't get the incoming message from the Big Giant Head.

If you are concerned though I suggest dropping your local principal a line and ask if they would be so kind to notify you if they plan to participate. If they get enough inquiries they may have second thoughts and if they fail to notify you then you have cause to jump up and down on their desk. Figuratively of course.

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Anonymous said...

School boards and administrators crave bland boredom more than anything. Controversy is their kryptonite.

If your kids' school is participating, do what Scott says. Make a big non-violent stink and get other parents involved. If enough people start making noise, the district will almost surely back down.