September 08, 2009

Heaven Help Us.

“I want at least two years with President Obama and a solidly Democratic Senate so that we can get the federal government back in the housing business.”

Barney Frank

The Right to Everything
From Dr Zero

Advocates of the Democrats’ socialized medicine program often speak of the “right” to health care, or more specifically the right to affordable health care or health insurance. This notion of rights bestowed by government is one of the basic tenets of modern liberalism, which is the mirror image of classical liberalism. It is a foundation that should be attacked by the defenders of liberty at every opportunity, because if one concedes this principle, the remaining logic of “soft” tyranny becomes inexorable. This is an argument that conservatives must never grow weary of having, because there will never come a day when it’s unnecessary to make it.

How American Health Care Killed My Father
From the Atlantic
If Obama had been half as forthcoming explaining the problems with healthcare and then presented a cogent solution as this writer has done perhaps we could have avoided the healthcare bruhaha. As we all know by now it isn't about fixing healthcare.

In Our Own Little Ways, We're All Freaks
The People of Walmart

Obama in the Classroom Update
As always I asked my daughter what she did in school today. "Did you see the President on TV today?" I asked. "No" she replied, but "There was Barack Obama's picture next to the office and it was as big as you."

Granted this is from the perspective of a first grader but a life size replica of the One at the school entrance? Interesting.

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