March 06, 2008

Just Dogs.

Unless your the lead dog the view never changes.

During last years Iditarod I got mail from anti-Iditaroders lambasting me for my support of the race and for not understanding how cruel it is for the dogs. Look at the smile on the faces of these dogs and tell me they are not having the time of their lives.
Staying cool.
It's anybodies guess as to who is actually in the lead at this point. The leaders have left Ophir while it appears that some of the contenders have settled in for the mandatory 24hr layover in Tokotna. Strategy is every bit important as dog care and deciding when to rest and when to push on can be a make or break decision. Five time champion Rick Swenson, citing the warm weather is finishing up his layover back down the trail in McGrath and although he is far behind the leader claims that when the leaders finally take a rest he will be back in the hunt for another win.

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