March 29, 2008

Flotsam and Jetsam: Moose

Adult Moose

The Moose's Tooth: A granite outcropping jutting from Denali's Ruth Glacier. Or the best Pizza and Brewpub in Anchorage. Love the Ale but as much as I like halibut I found that some things have no place on a pizza.

Those two practicle jokers, Frank and Earl, liked to sneak up on sleeping bears. This is the last picture of the pair. The camera and the plate from Earl's head was found in a big pile of bear scat just outside of Seward in 1957. From the Moose Pass, Alaska photo archives.

Suicidal Moose from the Anchorage Daily News; "A swing-shift trooper based in Girdwood, Peterson was cruising the Seward Highway the night of Feb. 2 a couple miles north of McHugh Creek when something big and black fell from the sky, landing about 20 feet from his car."

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