March 02, 2008

Texans,Vote early, vote often and vote Obama.

The caller ID tipped me off to the call from my younger brother in Texas. Being the funniest guy I know I answered as the Obama donation hotline. “Knock it off smart ass this is serious. The election is next week and I don’t know who to vote for.”he said sternly. “Haven’t you been reading my blog?” I ask incredulously. “Ya Ya, but have you looked at this guy? He is to the left of Lenin and plans to spend billions of dollars and, and, and …..” Take a breath my brother and let me explain.

Some have argued that Republicans voting in the Democrat’s primary is just silly gamesmanship or dirty pool. I would call it politics. I look at this as an opportunity for the people of Texas make history. They can tell their kids and grand kids that they changed the tone of politics of America. Returning the Clinton's to the White House means at least four more years of the divisiveness of the nineties on a scale that would make the Bush years look like a day at Disneyland. I don’t know about you but the noise and drama of that duo has grown tiresome.

Those that agree with me and have already voted feel like we are watching a movie where the heroine has the opportunity to kill the monster but hesitates with a tinge of compassion and the monster takes her moment of indecision and proceeds to eat her ass. I am in the audience screaming “JUST DO IT!”. Pardon my derangement but I just want to see the Clinton Machine and all it embodies run out of town before sundown.

I am not naive enough to believe that an Obama or McCain presidency will mean that the loons will tone down the vehemence but at least it is a new start. I do believe however, that the mushy headed middle of the American electorate will by election day see the hollowness of Obama and McCain will ultimately prevail. If I am wrong of course I always have the fall back position that the Senate Republicans will continue to yank Harry Reid’s chain at every opportunity and the damage that the democrats can inflict, the descent into a socialist state, will be kept to a minimum.

So remember my Texan brethren. Vote early, vote often and vote Obama!

Update: Texas Republicans are crossing over to Obama. "But a significant proportion say they are temporarily backing Obama for strategic reasons. They plan to vote Republican in November, but for now, their goal is to try to make sure Clinton cannot win." Via Hot Air

" Our long national nightmare may soon be over. Via Hugh Hewitt

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