August 08, 2010


Today a couple thousand family and friends gathered at the Cedar Rapids Cellular Center to say our final goodbyes to our sons and daughters who are part of the recent Iowa National Guard deployment to Afghanistan.

This is Justin’s second trip to that God forsaken spot on the globe and although I am still overflowing with pride in my sons commitment to the Guard and his dedication to his fellow soldiers this time I am also angry.

I’m angry that in the four years since he was last there conditions have deteriorated, casualties are increasing, and the rules of engagement may be getting our soldiers killed.

I’m angry that we haven’t thrown the full force of the nation behind the task of killing these bastards so our loved ones can come home. We have a wavering President apparently more concerned with the sensibilities of the region than the nation he leads, who is being played by “friends” (I use the term loosely) and foes alike.

Meanwhile we prop up the corrupt government of a brutal, backwards, tribal people that are incapable of pulling themselves out of the second century. When my son deployed five long years ago I thought we could make a difference, now I’m beginning to the see the futility of the mission and I’m angry.


KingShamus said...

I understand your anger.

I'm pretty much fed up with the Afghans as well.

Good luck and God Bless your son.

Scott said...

Thanks King