March 14, 2010

Iditarod XXXVIII

Lance Mackey arrived on the Bering Sea coast at 03:30 AST after a 14 hour run between Kaltag and Unalakleet. He received $2500 in gold nuggets for his effort. The rest of the pack is still two to three hours behind him but the Coast is a whole new ballgame. Cold (-27 today) and unrelenting winds have shut down many a team as they make their way up the coast to Shaktoolik.

Update Sunday 07:00 AST: King pulled into Unalakleet at 06:30 AST passing Hans Gatt along the way and posting an identical 14 hour time across the Kaltag Portage. This is shaping up to be a duel unless one of them can break away along the coast. I look for Mackey to hit the trail again quickly now that King is in town.


MrTex said...

I am quietly cheering for Jeff King because I toured his place near Denali a couple years ago.

Scott said...

I guess I'm pulling for Mackey, the guy has been an iron man the past 4 years. Nothing against King but I sort of hate to see anyone tie Swensons five wins.

On another topic. How bout that Helio Currior shot?

MrTex said...

Big barndoor flaps hanging out for landing. With haze and fog the norm here, that crisp clear Alaska air is neat.

Scott said...

One of those unique designs that wasnt made for long. With the slats and flaps it's got a Vmc of 28knots. If you want to go slower you need to buy a helicopter.

Weather is warming up. Are you still on for Oshkosh?