March 22, 2010

Enter Leviathan

The passage of healthcare last evening marked a victory for the Liberal's Leviathan project which began in 1932. We are now living in the realm where all powerful public servants will see to your wants, needs, and desires while protecting you from the dangers of the world, some real, but most imagined.

Leviathan exists because there are some that go through life in a perpetual state of fear that at any moment they might slip into what Jack London called the Social Pit. As we have seen there are also those that will exploit those fears; fear that you might get sick, fear that you may experience a financial setback, or God forbid the fear that you may spend your days wearing your dead sister’s teeth. When you are playing on fear you arguments can soar to the peak of absurdity.

This is a sorry way to go through life, it is certainly antithetical to everything American. If our forefathers had adopted this model we would still be a string of village’s huddled along the Atlantic coast struggling for survival. But they didn't because our forefathers knew tyranny first hand but more importantly that had learned through 200 years of benign neglect that the only way to ensure that life was not “nasty, brutish, and short” was to give the individual the freedom to seek his own path, experience his own victories or failures, in short to live his own life.

Living by those basic tenets has been dying by degrees; last night may have been the death quiver. Welcome to Leviathan.

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