October 05, 2006

Gubernatorial Debate I

We got a look at Iowa's two gubernatorial canidates, Chet Culver and Jim Nussle, Monday evening on the stage of my alma mater.
It was interesting that after the moderator said that there would not be an opening statement Nussle launched into what was not only an opening statement but a tear jerking moment of silence for 2 fallen soldiers. Made him look a little phony and a lot like a smart ass. Of course Culver couldn't let that slide and proceeded to do the same.
Nussle certainly has honed the political mannerisms after 16 years in Washington and is pretty good in the extemporaneous format.
Culver looked like he wasn't quite ready for prime time. He seemed to be a little sweaty, probably from all the fist shaking he used to emphasize, every, word, he, had, to, say. While it appeared the other hand was firmly planted in his left pocket with a couple of worry stones.
Jim tried to project vision and Chet kept stressing "I have a plan" so often I thought he was about to bust out with a "I have a dream" momentm plus I am aways leary of anyone that stresses they want us "to move us forward", one of the more empty phrases in the campaign rhetorical tool box.

So with more campaign retoric and not much of substance I guess this debate exercise boils down to who looks more statesmanlike. I'll have to give round one to Nussle.

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