October 23, 2006

European Rioting Continuing.

Several times I have written about the rioting taking place in France and Belgium. The New York Times has finally caught up with the story here and European news outlets have further reports here and here.
So why should we care what is going on in France of all places? Heaven knows the French have been less that supportive of the US the last few years.
It matters because; although the jury is still out on if the potential exists for it happening here, what happens there will still have repercussions on our options and the rest of the world. What hthe future holds for us here will be determined in large part in how the problem is handled there.
Will the French have the will to put down what amounts to an insurrection by a force that was initially invited into the country? History tells us they haven't been very successful in the past hundred years or so. Don’t think that our closest ally, Britain, is in a much better position. Concessions are already being made in an effort to placate in hopes of delaying the inevitable clash of civilizations in thier country.
The parrallel to what is already happening here, albeit with a different ethnic group, is food for thought.

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